Are you...

  • Chronically anxious, ill or in pain?

  • Tense most of the time?

  • Feeling inferior, flawed or broken?

  • Agitated by triggering thoughts?

  • Always waiting for something bad to happen?

  • Tired of the critical voice in your head?

  • Not better despite talk therapies?

  • Feeling stuck; not living up to your potential?

  • Sick of being sick and not finding relief?

  • Motivated to self-soothe rather than self-medicate?

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Mission and Vision


 As a survivor of poverty, abuse and neglect, Devpreet's mission and vision is deeply personal. To "Break the Chain of Generational Trauma" by expanding access to serve as many people as possible and distribute profits to benefactors directly working with at-risk children and teens.



  • INCREASE AWARENESS and COMPASSION for adult survivors of troubled childhoods.

  • DE-STIGMATIZE and NORMALIZE cPTSD and anxiety disorders.

  • EXPAND ACCESS to education and healing "break the chain of generational trauma!"


  • Manage the chronic anxiety, pain and dysfunction arising from unhealed trauma and neglect.

  • Address rising levels of anxiety, addiction, chronic pain and suicide.

  • Break the fear-pain cycle of generational abuse and neglect.

Profits from paid HEALS JourneyTM programs will be distributed to non-profits directly serving at-risk children and teens.


HEALS Benefactors will be selected based on their program's ability to:

  • Reach - at risk and marginalized children and teens.'


  • Support - provide mental health education, resources and a 'go-to' support system'


  • Teach - coping, self-soothing and self-regulation skills.

  • Mentor - self-discovery, compassion and self-actualization.