Louisa L.


The embodiment of sacred with a twinkle in her eye, a smile in her heart, and a fun sense of humor: This is Devpreet Kaur! I had the good fortune of meeting Devpreet a few years back when I attended one of her Kundalini yoga classes.


I was struck immediately by her warmth and by the quality of her presence.  Devpreet radiates a palpable energy that is at once simple and down to earth and yet otherworldly. Her yoga classes and workshops combine logic and spirit.  They are informative and educational while at the same time energetically transformative as Devpreet leads participants deep into their own hearts and bodies through breath, posture, movement, song, and sound.


As a psychotherapist, I encourage all of my clients to integrate body-centered energy work into their self-care routines. I am quite particular who I refer out to, and Devpreet is at the top of my list.  Her intuitive wisdom, compassionate heart,  and easy-going nature coupled with her commitment to creating a safe and sacred space for her students nurtures in them a sense of renewal and clarity and joy.


Whether it's an 18 year young woman, a 65 year old retired accountant, or a 40 year old male carpenter. Whether it’s someone who is new to the world of yoga and energy work, a seasoned spiritual teacher, or a middle-aged bariatric patient who has always shied away from body-centered practices for fear of being shamed, my clients always return from Devpreet having had a positive experience.


Her passion for her life’s work is evident, and she has given her heart over to it. Devpreet is a precious gift to this world <3! 


Louisa Latela, LCSW, LCADC

Stephanie S.


"I experienced abuse and I developed battered woman's syndrome and trauma.  Due to life circumstances, I must interact regularly with the person who was abusive to me, and continues to harass me.  I exercise regularly, do other forms of yoga and speak with a counselor to assist in my healing.  Despite this, I still experienced a visceral fear and panic response when interacting or just before I was about to interact with the abusive person in my life.  


After my first session with you, I practiced the breathing techniques completely eliminated the tightening of my chest and the panic feeling that overcame me when I had encountered the abusive person. Then, for the first time I was able to approach him without having my body react with fear, panic or stress.  After using the breathing techniques, when I approached him I felt completely calm.  I would not have believed that this yoga did in 1 day what therapy and exercise could not in almost 9 months. 


I do other types of yoga, but no other type helped me to relieve my stress and anxiety as your classes have done.  I feel completely empowered, strong and full of love, even to the extent that my co-workers were asking what I was on and where they could get some...


I feel unbelievably joyful after practice, which lasts for a few days for me.  One way to express the feeling, is as though I feel the joys of childhood and life feels revitalized.  I'm grateful to you, Devpreet, to my friend Sarah, for introducing me to you and your healing approach and for the loving, supportive and accepting community of people attending your classes."

Jodi A.


"I am so glad my path crossed yours: I was speechless when I talked to you after your Rebirthing workshop but have collected my thoughts to share.


I see an anxiety therapist, have had EMDR sessions, etc. but the rebirthing class was very powerful and you are very knowledgeable. Right when I thought I was done with my inner work, your workshop pulled and lifted some residual feelings and deep seated trauma's that have been stuck or blocked. Tears poured out of me but when we finished I was able to head home calmly.


I’ve also walked away from this brief encounter with you bit more awakened-with a deeper desire and knowing of my path to truly understand my true I AM self. The chants, yoga poses, gongs and singing bowl meditations were deeply restorative and energizing to my entire self. 


You are a jewel, I am truly impressed, and it was well worth the drive.  Thank you Devpreet!"

Sandy K.


Devpreet is one of the major forces that has changed my life for the better. She is deeply devoted and no nonsense when it comes to healing deep rooted past trauma.


Her joyful Spirit is contagious. Be prepared however, to be seen, heard and work! You will be in good hands!

Meredith K.

HEALS JOURNEY Formerly 'Letting Go'

I’ve been applying what I’ve been learning and practicing in this class and while it hasn’t been seamless, I am in a much better place and have been better equipped to feel and ‘sit with’ my emotions. At times when I start to feel overwhelmed, I stop and ask myself whether I’m really on the ‘ledge’ or if I’m simply on the ‘edge’ and so far every time, I’ve recognized that I am at the ‘edge’. Once I acknowledge this, I am able to self-soothe and tell myself that this is an opportunity to expand my tolerance level. It’s very empowering and I am finding I am stronger than I thought and can handle more than I imagined. I can’t thank you enough!


You’ve changed my life and I am forever grateful!

Chris S.


Over the 3 months after attending Devpreet’s Rebirthing workshop, regular Kundalini yoga classes and HEALS Journey classes, I have noticed significant improvements; almost no migraine headaches or dizziness, rarely nauseous, vision improved, hip pain gone, cysts reduced greatly, ringing in ears gone for most part and I have more fun.

Nancy W.


"My experience with Devpreet Kaur has been so valuable. I have felt a connection to her that has opened the door to personal healing unlike any other experience I have had. It has filled me with gratitude.”

Pam D.


This course has been amazing. It has been a wonderful gift to me during a hard time in my life.  My life changed with new tools for a healthier way of being!


Steffany L.


This "Journey thru the Chakras" class with Devpreet Kaur has changed my life.

The series and teacher were so powerful...I tell everyone I know.

Dena F.


I am truly blessed to know and practice Kundalini yoga under Devpreet Kaur.


Each one of her classes are full of heart and her purest soul. Devpreet teaches from the depths of her being, in order to reach the soul of each one of her students.


She has touched my life in so many ways, just by doing what she loves. I thank God every day for my amazing teacher who inspires me to be my highest self and to live each day authentically. 

Sat Sangeet


Devpreet Kaur is one of the most loving people I know…she exudes joy and peace and her Kundalini classes are definitely life changing. She explains the kriyas (postures) and the Kundalini philosophy to you in such a peaceful, non-judgmental way and makes it so comfortable to practice, even for a beginner.  It’s challenging, but she makes it fun! Her aura is beautiful, and you feel it the first time you meet her. Kundalini yoga is very introspective and I really got to know my ‘true self’ and for that, I am grateful to Devpreet.  The world needs more souls like Devpreet…if only…


Melody L.


I've had the extraordinary pleasure to attend Devpreet's sound meditation events at Live in Joy Yoga, as well as a private sound healing meditation in my home. Transcendent is the only word that comes somewhat close to describing the experience you receive from Devpreet's sessions. The healing that you receive from Devpreet's skillful orchestration of her specific Hertz crystal bowls and gong combination take you to a dimension that can only be described as euphoric!


Once you attend one of her sound meditations you'll be wanting more.

Tejal P.


Back in 2014 I was searching for a Kundalini Yoga class and I was divinely guided to Devpreet's class. I was looking for a practice to help me along my spiritual journey to release deep emotions and find inner peace. 


In every class with Devpreet, her presence, smile, her method of teaching was so comforting. I felt such deep love and peace after each class and I know you will too. Anyone looking for a yoga teacher who is caring and authentically shares the teachings of Kundalini yoga needs to try Devpreet's class. She's truly a radiant earth angel and her classes are a blessing to the world. 

Rich P.


From my very first experience of Kundalini Yoga with Devpreet Kaur,  I found my self deeply moved on many levels. She has the ability to bring her fun, lighthearted spirit into her teachings coupled with a very scientific and analytical description of what exactly we are getting ourselves into. For me, this certainly provides a perfect balance of energies for an excellent class and the teachings to be received. This sets the tone for whats to come. Be prepared to be worked to the core as your limits will be pushed! It is always our choice how much we want to put into something. I find the more I give of myself, the more I get back from each and every class.


With a graceful nudge, Devpreet has provided a space for me to go deeper within and experience a feeling of healing for which I am truly grateful.

Renee P.


I feel truly blessed that my life path has crossed with Devpreet Kaur. I met and started classes with her in 2014. Although I had been practicing for many years, it wasn't until my classes with Devpreet Kaur that I experienced the vast wealth of Kundalini Yoga! You will never find a more committed, loving, caring, impeccably skilled teacher that gives so totally to her students. Her classes will unlock your inner potential and change your life in the most amazingly beautiful way.

Julie F.

Devpreet Kaur is beautiful presence, bringing authentic and heart centered teachings.  Her classes are fresh, insightful and filled with energy.  She goes beyond the role; she is a true teacher of Kundalini yoga as well as a natural sound healer, which is why her students (myself included!) look forward to classes and workshops.  We are honored to have her teachings at our studio!

Marghi I.


This has been a priceless experience. The love in the teaching is so easily felt. If Devpreet is teaching, I'll be there.

Coleen M.


"I felt like I entered the higher dimensions and went into timelessness. I saw and felt the sperm and egg connecting and healing DNA."

Scott S.


The world needs more of this. Devpreet is genuinely a masterful, inspiring and gracious teacher. She is so radiant with love that it's hard to leave without feeling that you have just bathed in pure LIGHT!

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