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  • HEALS Journey Retreats

  • Speaking (PTSD, Pain, Sound)

  • Sound Healing - Gong Immersion

  • Trauma-informed Kundalini Yoga

  • Rebirthings

  • Workshops: see events below

  • Meditation (mindfulness or mantra)

  • HEALS Journey Online (coming!)


Facebook LIVE

Finding peace and healing during a pandemic

calls for a holistic approach.



Neuroscience and mind-body techniques



Yogic practices and metaphysical methods


For peace and healing.

Facebook LIVE Sessions start 3/25!

Holistic life hacks for for stress RELIEF, RELEASE & RESILIENCE!


WHEN: Every Wednesday at 12:15 ET


TOPIC: 3/25 - Working with and safely processing #FEAR (see upcoming topics below)


WHERE: Trauma Chainbreakers group


ENTRY: Just agree to the community's rules to join in.


Body-mind, anxiety and stress disorders specialist
See Devpreet's credentials and training:


100% FREE no solicitation ever, the TRAUMA CHAINBREAKERS Private FB Social Learning & Support Group.


See you Wednesdays @ 12:15 ET inside the group! Feel free to invite friends

Upcoming Facebook LIVE Topics and Practices*


*Topics and practices are not specified by week due to the ways they overlap

Learn how to:

  • Release body-bracing and tension.

  • Manage triggered emotion.

  • Do Trauma-Informed Meditations:

    • “meditation to-dos and taboos” for this time.

  • Use breath to calm the mind.

  • Apply yogic science to balance and heal the nervous and immune systems.

  • Cultivate awareness and peace.

  • Safely process & clear physical tension and emotion.

  • Use sound techniques and vibration for release and balance.

  • Leverage meridians and chakras for release and balance and more...



"In order to make meaningful change in your life you must get over the memory you have of yourself."

                                                           Dr. Joe DiSpenza


This trauma-informed Rebirthing is a holistic, restorative re-set button on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical. No experience is required:


What to Expect

  1. Managing strong emotions (sitting)

  2. Warm ups. No pretzel poses (standing)

  3. iRest Yoga Nidra (lying down) a half-awake/half-asleep state

  4. Rebirthing (sitting) coming into the womb, visioning, birthing, manifesting

  5. Sound Healing Savasana (lying down) cosmic gongs and bowls


What to bring

Bring water, mats/blankets to cushion the floor, pillows or anything needed for comfort. 



3 healings, 2 teachers and an afternoon of healing for only $45. Rebirthings tend to sell out so pre-registration is required. 

Rebirthing copy.jpg


Chant & Yoga Festivals

Sound Healing Extravaganza!