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Devpreet Kaur Bio

Devpreet Kaur

Trauma Recovery Credentials

Your HEALS Journey Sherpa


Devpreet Kaur


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A Sherpa is a Guide


Sherpa's are experienced guides who help others navigate the journey because they have made the climb many times. As a trauma recovery Sherpa, Devpreet has decades of experience walking the rocky path and scaling the high mountains of poverty, cPTSD and chronic pain, disability and eventual recovery.


Devpreet's entire life's trajectory has set the course for Heals Journey.

When things became dire, Devpreet's entire life's trajectory came together to create a map for healing. She merged lessons from her careers in allied healthcare and adult education with certifications in yoga, meditation, sound therapy and advanced trauma recovery training to create a holistic program that’s been proven* to rewire your brain for safety, your body for ease and your mind for peace. 

*Reproducible improvements in physical symptoms and quality of life metrics.


Additional Certifications

Devpreet is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher (IKYTA) and Sound Healer with extensive continuing education in neuroscience and body-mind methods for recovery from traumatic stress and anxiety disorders.

Testimonials - Publications - Trauma Credentials

See Testimonials, Devpreet's publications and advanced trauma credentrials and training below.

Courses and CEUs

Courses Certifications

1. Certified Clinical Trauma Professional



2. Next Level Practitioner Program: A year-long program

The National Institute of Clinical and Behavioral Medicine


3. Conference: 2-day "The Body Keeps the Score" Meeting

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. (world's preeminent trauma expert), Columbia, Maryland

4. Treating Trauma Master Series

The National Institute of Clinical and Behavioral Medicine

5. How to Target Treatment to Help Patients Reclaim Their Lives After Trauma

Bessel van der Kolk, MD


6. How to Work with the Part of Trauma That Can’t Be Verbalized

Peter Levine, PhD

7. The Body's Critical Role in the Treatment of Trauma

Pat Ogden, PhD

8. EMDR to Treat Trauma: Identifying, Reprocessing, Integrating Traumatic Memories

Francine Shapiro, PhD

9. The Neurobiology of Trauma - What Is Happening in Unresolved Trauma

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD

 10.Tiring Trauma Out: Activate the Body's Natural Defense Mechanisms Against Trauma

David Berceli, PhD

11. Ten (10) Core Competencies of Trauma, PTSD, Grief and Loss


12 Unexpected Culprit: The Body's Incomplete Response to Trauma Can Aggravate Symptoms

Robert Scaer, MD

13. Finding Meaningful Change After Trauma: The Unique Strengths of the Affect-Based Approach

Diana Fosha, PhD

14. How Neuroscience Can Give Us a Clearer Picture of Trauma Treatment:
      Working with the Effects of Early Life Trauma and PTSD on the Brain

The National Institute of Clinical and Behavioral Medicine


15. How to Rewire the Traumatized Brain

Bessel van der Kolk, MD

16. How to Help Clients Break the Cycle of Traumatic Memory

Peter Levine, PhD

17. Why Polyvagal Theory Holds the Key to Reclaiming Safety After Trauma

         Stephen Porges, PhD

18. Why a Body-Oriented Approach Is Key for Treating Traumatized Patients

Pat Ogden, PhD

19. How to Use Brain Science to Help Patients Accelerate Healing after Trauma

Daniel Siegel, MD

20. The Fear-Driven Brain: How a New Intervention is Changing Trauma Treatment

Sebern Fisher, MA

21. Working with a Client's Inner Systems; (Parts of Self) Heal Trauma Develop Greater Calm and Compassion  
         Richard Schwartz, PhD

22. Help Trauma Patients Establish a Sense of Safety and Repair Attachment Using EMDR

Laurel Parnell, PhD

23. Rethinking Trauma


24. How to Target Treatment to Reclaim Lives After Trauma


25. How to Work with Brain & Bod to Reverse the Effects of PTSD


26. How to Work with Resistance


27. Working with Core Beliefs of Never Good Enough


28. Evidence Based Trauma Treatment & Intervention


29. Understanding Your Past: Attachment Theory, History and Recovery

Psychalive: Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Lisa Firestone

Devpreet's Personal Journey

Devpreet's Personal Journey

Devpreet's Personal HEALS Journey... began with a history of poverty, abuse and neglect. She was eventually removed from her home by the state of Pennsylvania in 1972. She used workaholism and perfectionism to compartmentalize the trauma and went on to raise a daughter and achieve worldly 'success' until her brother's death from addiction shook her awake in 1993.


In 2005, an auto-accident resulted in chronic pain and after six years of balancing debilitating pain and teetering on addiction, she closed her training and consulting business to focus on healing. Devpreet's disability was quickly followed by a cancer diagnosis and the combo became a 'do or die' situation. She leveraged her prior allied medical knowledge, yogic training and alternative methods to heal herself.


As a life-long autodidact, she extensively studied the psychology, neuroscience, biochemicals of emotion and metaphysical connections between child abuse, disability and early death among people with high ACE scores, like herself. Today, Devpreet knows that a high ACE Score is not a death sentence but a call to healing!

Among the many things she learned is that an overwhelming number of people with chronic pain after an auto accident have a traumatic past that is triggered by being hit or hurt, again. Devpreet undertook extensive training and applied all that she had learned to heal herself, help private clients and students to do the same.


Devpreet's entire life trajectory set the foundation to facilitate your healing journey


Early Years:  Devpreet's formative years were spent learning valuable lessons from living in a public housing project. She went on to become a certified in Medical Assistant and Laboratory Technician while in high school and graduated with high honors. She also became a certified audiometric technician and emergency medical technician working both paid and volunteer ambulance. She then attended The University of Pittsburgh (biology and chemistry) while working full time in a doctor's office. She  subsequently worked as a microbiology and hematology lab technician at the V.A. Hospital.


Biopharmaceuticals:  Devpreet entered the pharmaceutical industry in 1984 and quickly advanced through the ranks to ultimately become the Director of Training for a major diabetes company. She developed a six-phase diabetes management training program that became "best-in-class" and adopted as the training benchmark in 130 countries.  In 1993 she became one of the first female presidents of The SBPT (Society of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Trainers). She transitioned to Marketing where as a Product Manager, she managed the launch of 2 of the first pre-filled insulin pens and a buffered insulin for pumps in the U.S. Devpreet has been published and interviewed in >30 highly respected US & international journals. 


Training & Consulting: Devpreet left corporate life in 1997 to launch Emp-Higher Performance Development, Inc. a training and consulting firm. During the nearly 15 years of business she developed a "content powerhouse" of training materials for Fortune 500 and 100 companies. She traveled internationally delivering programs and workshops before chronic pain and disability forced a painful ending that became a beautiful rebirth.


Yogic & Metaphysical Studies:  In 1993, when the sudden death of her brother shook her awake, Devpreet began meditation studies at The School of Practical Philosophy in NY where she was initiated and given a personal manta. She has studied Tibetan Buddhism with Pema Chodren and certified in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Mahan Rishi and Nirbe Kaur Khalsa. She trained with grand gong master, Don Conreaux and with Crown of Eternity and subsequently taught and delivered 'sound healing' for the past 6 years. In addition to extensive trauma training, Devpreet is double certified to teach chair yoga and has taken an additional 9 months of Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training plus "The 21 Stages of Meditation" - a six day Level 3 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.


There's more to the story, of course. Just like you and your story - it's complicated.

Please know that you DO NOT have to repeat your story to recover from it!

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