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Custom Wellness FAQs


What does a Custom HEALS (trauma/anxiety) Session Entail? 

  • Telephone consultation, assessment and comprehensive intake (45 minutes)

  • Custom selection of interventions from the HEALS and Letting Go programs

  • Development and print of selected take home reference materials

  • The Session (1.5 - 2 hours)

    • Guided HEALS education and practices

    • Review of self-care plan, worksheets and reference materials

    • Next steps and questions (optional)

    • Arrangements for onsite, text or telephone follow-up as desired


Is it necessary to talk about traumatic events to heal?

Not at all! Current neuroscience shows that one does not need to 'go back there' to heal. The goal is to help you to recover from your story...not to re-live it. 


Do you touch or manipulate the body?

No. Most of the session is an inward, quiet practice aided by meditation, mantra, movement and/or sound. If desired, the only item coming into contact with the body may be stems of the weighted tuning forks. There is no need for the therapist to touch the body with the hands.


What does a custom Sound Healing Session Entail?


  • Setting Intention

  • Guided Rainstick relaxation with breathwork

  • Attuning the ears using the Sacred Solfeggio pipes

  • Gong Immersion with 4 Gongs
  • Silence for integration

  • Crystal singing bowls to balance the chakras

  • Select sounds and tuning forks for grounding

  • Vibration-infused distilled water

Do I disrobe for a Gong Bath or any of the services?


No, you will remain fully clothed throughout the sessions. Shoes (and sometimes socks) are removed at the door.

If used, where are tuning forks placed on the body?

Unweighted tuning forks are swept and combed over the body's energy centers.

Weighted tuning forks are typically placed on the accupressure meridian points on the hands and feet.

Occasionally the weighted forks are used on the 3rd eye, top of the head or directly over the afflicted area(s).

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