Meditation FAQs

Q: Is meditation for everyone?

A: Yes and No. Devpreet is certified to teach mindfulness and mantra meditation and which type of meditation used ideally depends upon the person's personality, constitution, history and need.

Note: Mindfulness Meditation is not initially recommended for traumatic stress survivors. Being alone with the mind can be a dangerous neighborhood. HEALS Journey uses meditations that keep the mind and body busy while re-wiring the brain to stay present.

Q: What are some of the benefits of meditation?


A: The physical, mental, emotional, social and societal benefits of meditation fill volumes and science keep finding and validating more. The lists include but by no means are limited to the following:


Physical Benefits of Meditation

  • Lower blood pressure and heart disease

  • Decrease tension-related pain

  • Help prevent cancer/improve cancer therapy

  • Improve quality and quantity of sleep: Increase serotonin fall & stay asleep

  • Improve immune system function; overall health

  • Increase energy levels

  • Lower inflammation – the root of most disease

  • Increase hormones that improve mood/behavior

  • Release accumulated tension, prevent tension

  • Lower stress hormones and “clutched” feelings

  • Better management of pain & physical discomforts


Mental Benefits of Meditation

  • Improve relationships, take things less personally

  • Befriend your demons: anger, jealousy, low-esteem

  • Feel more emotionally stable – create less of your own

  • drama - resist being pulled into others’ drama

  • See what’s before you with clarity and intuition

  • Become and stay centered despite circumstances

  • Enjoy true peace of mind and more joy in life

  • Feel emotions as they arise – respond vs react

  • Hear your Soul’s guidance. Tune in to your highest self! Enhance your listening skills and relationships

  • Feel less fear and more freedom and control


Q: How can I get my mind to stop the incessant chatter?


A: The goal of meditation is not to turn the mind off but to observe the mind's motions & commotions. Simply shining the light of awareness on our inner dialogues and how we talk to ourselves develops the super-power of being 'The Observer.' The newfound, objective perspective on reality is truly enlightening. We see that we are NOT our minds.

Q: When do you teach meditation?

A:  Devpreet has suspended teaching public classes and accepting new private clients.

The inability to meet demand has helped fuel the mission of offering HEALS Journey online to serve more people.

Q. How do I get started?


A: See the basic mindfulness directions below.. The goal is to simply fall still, connect with the breath & senses, observe & release thoughts.


Start by:


1. Sitting with a tall spine—gazing through closed eyelids.


2. Taking 3 long, deep breaths (from below the navel) to prepare for mindfulness. As you inhale, scan your body for any areas of tension, let it soften and flow out of you with the exhalation. Allow tension to melt out more and more on each exhalation.


3. Feeling your feet touching the floor. Feel your hands resting on your legs.


4. Breathing normally, notice the cool air as it enters the nostrils and warm air exiting.


5. Feel the clothing and air touching the skin. Feel your bottom on the chair.


6. Let your hearing run out to the very farthest sound. Just listen without judging the sounds as good or an impartial witness. There is no need to label or create a story about the sounds you hear. Simply observe. Allow yourself to feel expansive and a part of all that is. FEEL completely you, here and now.


7. Keeping your focus on the breath, the senses and hearing and allow the mind to settle.


8. Noticing thinking as it arises. Just see it and realize that you don’t need to “go with it” or fight with it to stop. Just see it and release it like a helium balloon...let it float up and away more with each exhalation.


9. Reconnect to the anchors of the breath and senses. Keep noticing thoughts and letting them go.

It’s that simple, that challenging and truly life-saving!