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Are Sound Therapy and Sound Healing the same thing?


I previously avoided the term "sound healer" for but it is more intuitive and more accurate than "sound therapy" which can be confused with music therapy. To be cured of an ailment or disease means that facet is not active - a cure can be temporary. To be healed is to cure the issue and underlying issues, holistically. The terms are often used interchangably but there are important yet confusing differences but healing is more accurate.


In reality, you, your body’s innate wisdom and the unlimited pharmacy within are the actual healers. Being cured of something simply means that there is no evidence of disease or illness however, being healed addresses the underlying causes. Healing restores wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Hence the name, holistic.

How are tuning forks used in sound therapy?

The tuning fork's vibrational sound waves are heard by the ears and felt by the skin which stimulates the production of nitric oxide (NO). As nitric oxide is released into the tissues, blood vessels begin to dilate, muscles relax and blood pressure is lowered which interrupts the vicious cycle of tension, spasm and pain. Nitric oxide is also a free radical scavenger mediating positive effects on aging and the immune system.


Tuning forks can be used in a number of ways but the 3 most common include:
1- Tuning forks can be used by the ears, over the chakras or organs or directly on an afflicted muscle, organ, tissue or bone.

2 - Tuning forks may be used to create a binuaral beats which creates brain entrainment and a state of deep relaxation.

3 - Specific forks may be used at acupuncture and acupressure points (meridians) to free blocked energy and help the organ, tissue or bone to "remember" its healthy frequency and restore itself to health. This is known as Sonopuncture. Read more below.

What is Sonopuncture?

Sonopuncture is similar to acupuncture and reflexology yet different in a few key ways: Traditional acupuncture uses needles on the meridians (energy channels) and reflexology (which preceded acupuncture) uses massage pressure on the meridians.

Sonopuncture is similiar to acupuncture but uses vibration to penetrate the energy channels (meridians) rather than needles. Sonopuncture therapy involves placing activated tuning forks on the meridians to balance the flow of life force. As compared to reflexology, the use of the sonopuncture with organ tuning forks is a highly targeted therapy over simply pressing or needling a meridian point. The Human Organ tuning forks are calibrated to the frequency of 15 different healthy organs and tissues. When the frequency of the healthy organ/tissue moves through the meridian channel, the discordant vibration of pain or disease is interrupted and entrained to vibrate it's original healthy frequency; resetting it to its original blueprint for wellness.Vibrating the healthy frequency of a particular organ or tissue on the meridian (energy channel) for that organ/tissue interrupts the dissonant vibrations and entrains the healthy frequency enabling the body to restore itself to a healthy state.

In summary, if acupressure is buckshot for hitting the target and acupuncture is an arrow, then sonopuncture (with organ frequency tuning forks) is a laser beam of precision...without the needles.  Please see the Human Organ tuning forks and others on sound healing instruments page (upper right) or on mobile by scrolling down..

How do differing frequencies affect us?


In a nutshell, there are four recognized brain wave ranges:

Beta (13-30 Hz) is present in normal waking consciousness

Alpha (3-30 Hz) in states of relaxationTheta (4-7 Hz) in meditative states

Theta (5-7 Hz) REM, release muscle spasms and energetic blocks

Delta (0.5-4 Hz) is deep sleep, unconscious and/or profound meditative states.


However, specific frequencies have been discovered for the planets and for 15 of the major organs and tissues to create desired effects on the body. The specificity of these frequencies and notes are key to sound therapy and sonopuncture.


What is Toning?


Toning is the use of the voice to release groans or vowel sounds using varying tones and pitches to express the subconscious mind. Toning is the releasing of the body-voice unhindered by the mind. It is the unencumbered sound of your soul.Toning does NOT belong to the conscious mind; it is enslaved by the mind. Only in a groan, a scream, a sigh or in laughter does the truth express itself. We don't think to groan…it simply bursts out and with it tensions are released. For example, we naturally groan during pain, childbirth, while lifting something heavy, etc. and we find both strength and relief in groaning. 

“Toning is not screaming, toning is not singing, toning is a form of vowel groaning. Anyone who can groan can tone.”  ~Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

Toning pre-dates speech and is an ancient method of healing. We each have the power to control our life force and to re-set our life patterns, through the use of our own voices. The human voice has been shown to be the most powerful of vibrations on cellular health. Research has shown that the human voice is able to burst cancer cells.

Toning is a very powerful healing agent to access hidden or repressed fear, resentment, frustration, pain or other limiting emotions and beliefs. When amplified by intention and visualization, toning is able to realign us with our true essense. Renoun oncologist and sound healer, Mitchell Gaynor says, "I am convinced that physical recovery cannot occur unless we acknowledge our constricted natures and boldy strike out beyond their borders to discover our true, unencumbered selves."


What is a Gong Immersion or Gong Bath?


Gong Immersion is like a very deep and lasting sound massage. Some call it a gong bath because one feels like they are being bathed in warm waves of vibration from the gongs for 30 to 50 minutes.


During a gong bath, clients are fully clothed and usually lying on the back on a mat or massage table as the gongs are gently played. The waves of overtones and undertones are extremely calming and healing. The building waves of sound create a contemplative or meditative state while balancing and soothing the nervous system. As the waves build and the vibration is felt, breathing into the swelling and crashing waves of sound creates deep clearing and recharging the whole mind, body and spirit. It resets the nervous system and promotes optimal glandular secretion. A gong immersion is highly effective in creating resonance in the body, mind and spirit and as one's entire being is reset to alignment and synchrony.

Please click here for Devpreet's article, "The Science, Magic and Mystery of a Gong Bath" in Natural Awakenings.



Sound Therapy provides deep relaxation from stress and anxiety, both of which contribute to most illnesses. However, Devpreet Kaur and any of the sound therapy instruments used do not claim to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure physical or mental illness. The information and offerings provided have not been formally evaluated by any governmental or regulatory agency. As such, Sound Therapy is not intended as a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care.


You agree to take full responsiiblity for any outcomes that may occur as a result of the sound therapy practices being offered here. You take full responsibility for your own health and well-being and understand that you may need to seek the services of medical practitioners to further address physical or emotional health issues that you are encountering.


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