Welcome to the "HEALS Journey" Blog!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

This blog is a launching point for anyone interested in recovery from chronic: anxiety, illness or pain. The goal is to raise awareness, normalize your experience and illustrate the body's brilliance adapting and coping. We will also cover releasing blocked physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical energy that keeps you stuck or living small.

Key topics include

  • Healing Big and Little Traumas

  • Releasing Fear, Anxiety and Stress

  • Living Well with Chronic Pain and Illness

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Emotional, Physical and Metaphysical Release

About the blog

With careers in the healing and teaching arts and a lifetime of recovery from cPTSD and chronic pain, I would find myself mentally journaling about an experience or something that I had just read. After this habit began to create itself I started to jot down a few key take-ways from the mental musings. The list of take-aways started to flesh themselves out to become posts and viola, this blog was born.