14 Things People in Chronic Pain Wish Everyone Knew!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Person holding head

Inside the minds of many in chronic pain lives a chaotic cast of characters: The brutal drill sergeant constantly barking impossible demands, the scared child throwing a tantrum because it can’t do as it wants, the grieving widow(er) missing its better half and the new sheriff in town trying to enforce unfamiliar and unwelcome laws for living.

2 - People living in chronic pain already have an overwhelming amount of mental and physical input and do not want to be told how they should feel or what they should do unless they ask!

3 - When a person realizes they will not get back to their old normal they need time to mourn the loss and to slowly shed how/what they used to be.

4 - Although mourning is critical to the healing process, many people get “stuck” in grief and are soon overtaken by depression, low self-worth, isolation and immobilization.

5 - It helps to know that chronic pain is a body-mind phenomenon intricately connected to physical and emotional trauma across one's lifetime. For example, a car accident (being hit) commonly triggers unhealed memories of trauma or abuse.