A Trauma Recovery Misson: May All Beings Be Free From the Roots of Suffering

The Buddha is most known for saying, "May all beings be free of suffering and the roots of suffering.” Today, unlike any other time in history, we are able to address suffering and the roots of suffering by stopping “The Silent Epidemic.” A silent killer of epidemic proportions, responsible for 7 of 10 deaths, significant impairments in health, relationships, quality and duration of life.

At the Root of Our Ills

At the root of the "Silent Epidemic" is “Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACES. A landmark ACE trial of more than 17,000 people irrefutably demonstrated a direct link between adverse childhood events and poor health, poor quality of life, mental health challenges and early death. Dr. Nadine Burke makes a compelling case for the fact that despite overwhelming evidence, the epidemic isn't being adequately addressed. Part of the problem is that most people are unaware that their suffering is a result of a troubled childhood. Worse still, many with troubled childhoods have minimized, normalized or compartmentalized growing up in a dysfunctional home, so it goes unrecognized. Others think they have to have been physically abused. In just ten questions, your ACE score provides an indicator of your risk for poor health and quality of life. It's as, if not more, important than knowing other "silent killer" health numbers like blood pressure or cholesterol numbers. You can get your ACE Score here.

Despite epic numbers of people taking mood modulating prescriptions daily, we have obvious epidemic levels of suicide, opioid and alcohol deaths. It's no surprise that mood modulators for depression help less than 50% of patients and anti-anxiety meds are barely bandages because drugs can't address what’s stewing beneath the surface of those with traumatic histories. Those traumatic roots gnaw at survivors 24/7, tormenting them, and those around them, when triggered. At best, unhealed trauma robs people of quality of life and the ability to actualize their potential. True healing takes a holistic approach to address the roots of suffering.

A Mission and Vision