Your Childhood is Running Your Nervous System! Part 3

Part 1 of this series highlighted the facts that child neglect is often not recognized as abuse but is; it occurs far more often and creates a wider range of consequences than overt abuse. Part 2 introduced the 4 Ss and the concept of a developing 'stress-reactive' brain. Let's look at how the 4Ss impact a developing child and how they show up in our adult lives.

What is the impact of not getting the 4 Ss while you were growing up?

Part 2 describes the 4Ss from an infant's perspective. Now let's look at the 4Ss from a developing child's viewpoint. From birth to 25, when the brain is considered fully developed.

Did you FEEL

  • SEEN - understood?

  • SAFE - protected?

  • SOOTHED - at least one dependable person to run to?

  • SECURE - the means and support system to thrive?

Lack of any of the 4Ss shows up in our adult lives in many ways! Here are some examples...

If you didn't feel SEEN, you may:

  • feel a need to constantly prove your value

  • be an over-achiever