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The gong is one of the oldest instruments of healing and has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies, rituals, events and meditation. Today they have been rediscovered and are currently being used in holistic healthcare and traditional cancer treatment centers worldwide.


According to Grand Gongmaster, Don Conreaux,  “The secret of the gong is its tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation. Known as the sounds of " he cosmos, they often carry the listener on a journey. The gongs facilitate deep relaxation, transformation and release. Gongs are highly effective for creating resonance in the physical and subtle bodies as well as clearing and balancing all of the chakras and aura." See Devpreet's article, "The Science, Magic and Mystery..."

"The gong must be experienced to be understood.” From “The Science, Magic and Mystery” of Sound Healing by Devpreet Kaur, published in Natural Awakenings Magazine 2015.


See Gong Immersion or Gong Baths for more details.

Paiste Symphonic Gong (tuned to middle C)

The Symphonic Gong is best known for creating elevation, wisdom and purity. This symphonic gong contains the fullest range of tones. Because it covers the full spectrum of sound, it vibrates all the cells and bones and organs,


A gong immersion is highly effective in creating resonance in the body, mind and spirit and as the entire being is reset to alignment and synchrony.

Paiste Planet Gong (Saturn) tuned to middle D.

The Saturn gong resonates at a frequency of 147 Hz that moves deep into the core and helps to clear past traumas of any kind and especially those of separation, sorrow, grief and death.  This gong was specifically selected for its ability to facilitate release of deep-seated fears and traumas and help with centering. It's also very helpful for people with hearing deficit, those with bone disorders and the elderly. It helps us to stand tall in the face of adversity and to create and preserve healthy boundaries. Saturn also stokes the inner fire of self-discipline so that we may gain the power and wisdom to actualize our soul’s purpose.

Himalayan Singing Bowls

The warm bell-like tones create warm, soothing and resonant lasting overtones with therapeutic effects on the mind-body. These bowls have been used throughout time to create and sense of deep peace and tranquility.

Seven 432 Hz Perfect Pitch, Incremental Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls

Devpreet Kaur uses a rare set of chakra singing bowls to clear and balance all seven chakras, to relax and delight audiences and for use with angelic singing.


These perfect pitch (C, D, E, F, G, A, B notes) incremental, 432 Hz (the God hertz) crystal quartz singing bowls are highly resonant and heavenly to the ear.


Each of seven incrementally sized bowls is perfectly tuned to a specific chakra. The bowls emit a vibration that seems to bounce from ear to ear and from all directions. Mesmerizing and deeply healing.

7 Sacred Solfeggio Healing Pipes - Tubular Bells

The Sacred Solfeggio Healing Pipes are tuned to the frequencies discovered by Dr Joseph Puleo in the mid-1970's. Using these frequencies can release blockages in the energy bodies and help restore balance. Each of the healing pipes is carefully calibrated to a different frequency or hertz (Hz) for specific effects.


The Solfeggio Scale and Major Effects


  1. Ut=396 Hz For Liberating Guilt  & Fear

  2. Re=417 Hz For Facilitating Change & Support

  3. Mi=528 Hz For Transformation, Miracles & DNA Repair

  4. Fa=639 Hz  For Connecting & Relationships

  5. Sol=741 Hz For Awakening Intuition

  6. La=852 Hz For Elevation & Returning to Spirit


A seventh healing pipe with the frequency of 432 Hz (also known as the God Hertz) This tubular bell just makes you feel “ahhhhh” when you first hear it. This particular hertz creates a sense of union with the Divine and helps the listener to relax and drop deeper and deeper until it gradually vibrates back to silence.


Specific Effects of Solfeggio Frequencies


396 Hz - Liberating Guilt & Fear

  • Turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear

  • Releases guilt and fear by bringing down the defense mechanisms

  • Liberates blockages, subconscious negative beliefs or limiting ideas – “stuck”


417 Hz – Undoing & Facilitating Change

  • Produces energy to bring about change

  • Cleanses traumatic experiences/clears negative influences of past events

  • Encourages optimal cellular function

  • Connects to inexhaustible source of energy to shift life pattern


528 Hz - Transformation & Miracles (DNA Repair)

  • Reminds human DNA of its original, perfect state

  • Invites transformation and miracles into your life

  • Increases life energy, clarity, awareness, creativity & ecstatic states

  • Enhances imagination, intention & intuition


639 Hz - Re-Connecting & Balancing, Relationships

  • Encourages communication, understanding, tolerance and love.

  • Enables creation of harmonious community & interpersonal relationships

  • Helps heal relationships problems


741 Hz - Solutions & Expressions

  • Cleans the cell from the toxins

  • Helps one desire foods unpoisoned by various toxins

  • Aids release of electromagnetic radiation, bacteria, fungal toxins

  • Leads you into the power of self-expression, aiding a pure and stable life


852 Hz - Awakening Intuition, Returning To Spiritual Order

  • Enhanced ability to see through illusions of your life, eg. people, places, things

  • Raises awareness and facilitates opening to Spirit

  • Enables the cell to transform itself into a system of higher level



Tingshasa are hand-held cymbals that are made of blended metals somewhat similar to Tibetan singing bowls. The sound of the Tingshas is one of relaxed presence. They bring the listener into the moment. Tingshas are used in sound healing as one of the many instruments, sounds and frequencies needed to induce awareness and healing. They are also used in many forms of mindfulness meditation, tingshas are used (3x) to note the beginning and end of the session and a single time throughout (at intervals) appropriate to the group experience to invite practitioners back into awareness of the senses and the breath as they let thoughts go.

The Ghanta and Vajra: Also known as the Bell and Dorje

The Ganta Bell is a universal symbol of transcendent wisdom (feminine), and the Dorje or Vajra is the representation of the radiant and indestructible power of compassion (masculine).


The Ganta and the Dorje are always used together. Together, the Ghanta and Vahjra create a mysterious union of yin and yang polarities. The sound of the Ghanta is mesmerizing yet present.

Set of 15 Weighted Human Organ Tuning Forks

These tuning forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy human organs and tissues.


They were identified by The International Lambdoma Research Institute in Kennebunk, Maine. The scientific method used passed sound waves through healthy organs to calculate their optimal frequency using mathematical formulas based on the speed of sound. Their work has been validated by other scientists and has resulted in the frequencies of healthy organs and tissues. These are some of the tuning forks used for Sonopuncture in this practice.


Healthy Human Organ & Tissue Frequencies


  1. Adrenals & Thyroid  492.80 Hz

  2. Bladder 352.00 Hz

  3. Blood  321.90 Hz

  4. Bone  418.30 Hz

  5. Brain  315.80 Hz

  6. Colon  176.00 Hz

  7. Fat Cells   295.80 Hz

  8. Gall Bladder   164.30 Hz

  9. Intestines   281.00 Hz

  10. Kidneys   319.88 Hz

  11. Liver   317.83 Hz

  12. Lungs   220.00 Hz

  13. Muscles   324.00 Hz

  14. Pancreas   117.30 Hz

  15. Stomach   110.00 Hz

The weighted tuning forks are activated and the vibrating stem is placed on the meridan (acupuncture or reflexology) points of the hands and/or feet and occasionally directly over the organ, tissue or bone. Use of the 15 Organ tuning forks is far superior to the use of general tuning forks on the meridans &/or body.


The advent of 15 frequency specific human organ and tissue tuning forks calibrated to the frequency of each healthy organ or tissue has added an important dimension of specificy to sonopuncture.  When the specific activated tuning fork is applied to the correct meridian, organ, tissue or bone, the healthy frequency moves to the organ, tissue or bone to reset the affected area back to its healthy frequency/vibration.

What is Sonopuncture?

Sonopuncture is similar to acupuncture and reflexology yet different in a few key ways: Traditional acupuncture uses needles on the meridians (energy channels) and reflexology (which preceded acupuncture) uses massage pressure on the meridians.

Sonopuncture is similiar to acupuncture but uses vibration to penetrate the energy channels (meridians) rather than needles. Sonopuncture therapy involves placing activated tuning forks on specific energy channel points to energize specific organs and tissues. This therapy provides the benefits of acupuncture but without the needles. As compared to reflexology, the use of the sonopuncture with organ tuning forks on the correct organ/tissue meridian is a highly targeted frequency therapy over simply pressing a meridian point.

In summary, if acupressure is buckshot for hitting the target and acupuncture is an arrow, then sonopuncture (with organ frequency tuning forks) is a laser beam of precision...without the needles.  Please see the next section for the other tuning forks and their uses.

Additional Tuning Forks

In addition to the 15 weighted human organ tuning forks, Devpreet uses:


  • 2 Weighted Solar Harmonic Forks also known as "OM" or Earth Forks:

    • these weighted forks are attuned to the Earth's frequency of 136.1Hz and tuned to C

    • they are very grounding and used to open and close sound healing sessions. They also help to reduce stress, help release strain and stress in the heart, improve energy, can relieve joint pain and stiffness, reduce inflammation and induce a state of relaxation and meditation.

  • 1 - Otto Tuner

    • The Otto Tuner resonates the bones, stimulates the nerves and releases tension from the body. The Otto Tuner relieves muscle tension, pain, spasms and improves circulation by relaxing constricting muscle tissue and causing increased blood flow. 

    • The Otto Tuner is extremely effective for use on the head, sternum and on the feet for its ability to vibrate through muscles and bone and induce deep relaxation.

    •  Tuned to 128 Hz (C) when used at one ear with the 136.1 Hz OM fork at the other ear, the two forks create an alpha state (see Binural Beats) which is excellent for a quick calming effect.


  • 2 Unweighted Whole Body tuners:

    • These body tuners excellent for creating balance and more restful sleep. The C and G notes (C256Hz and G384Hz) are known in musical terms as the perfect fifth or perfect interval, representing balance and harmony. They restore balance due to daily stress by helping to balance the nervous system to reset itself to harmonic resonance.

    • When used to comb over the body surface, the whole body tuners serve as excellent means for diagnosing the chakras. When a chakra is blocked or unbalanced the practitioner notices a slight to stiff resistance in the combing at a particular chakra. After chakra diagnosis, the appropriate forks and chakra bowls are used and the chakras re-tested. Note: In my experience, the method of fork-combing of the chakras is a more reliable means of chakra testing than pendulums but the pendulum may be also used to confirm findings and clearance.


  • An Unweighted A 432 Hz tuning fork:

    • This highly resonant, beautifully sweet sounding tuning fork is tuned to A, the note of the third eye (ajana) and of the God frequency for elevation, accessing the higher realms and enhancing intuition.

    • The God Hertz (432 Hz) opens the Aura allowing for better diagnostics and balancing of the chakras.

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Sound Therapy provides deep relaxation from stress and anxiety, both of which contribute to most illnesses. However, Devpreet Kaur and any of the sound therapy instruments used do not claim to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure physical or mental illness. The information and offerings provided have not been formally evaluated by any governmental or regulatory agency. As such, Sound Therapy is not intended as a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care.